Our Vision

Authentic to Calgary’s History.

Inspired by the natural and architectural history of Calgary with mountain, urban, and prairie influences converging, Alpine Park’s new urbanist design was built around a dynamic mix of housing choices that put people first, strengthening social fabric and encouraging neighbourliness.
Overlooking Canopy Park toward Village Centre and the downtown skyline.

Between two worlds.

With Calgary's bustling downtown centre and dozens of campgrounds in Kananaskis in practically equal range, Alpine Park is Calgary distilled.

20 km to Downtown Calgary

20 km to Downtown Calgary

42 km to Kananaskis

42 km to Kananaskis

23 km to the University of Calgary

23 km to the University of Calgary

40 km to the Calgary Airport

40 km to the Calgary Airport

Guided by New Urbanist Principles.

Alpine Park’s dynamic community is grounded in new urbanist principles where every detail considers its citizens. Your home is in walking distance to the Village Centre, the retail and commercial heart of the community that fulfills day-to-day wants and needs. Walkable blocks and streets - safely set back from the road - weave through beautiful green court parks and connect you to wherever you want to go.

Principles to live by;

  • Walkability
  • Mix of Housing
  • Mixed-use & Diversity
  • Quality of Design
  • Activity Hub
  • Transportation
  • Sustainable
  • Live Better


When you hear ‘walkability’ thrown about it’s often no more than some pathways placed throughout a community. True, honest walkability is a hallmark of good new urbanist design. Having access to meaningful, enjoyable destinations within 10 minutes or less. Having multiple routes and options along the way. Ensuring pedestrians don’t fight with high speed traffic for their place within the community. Making the journey on foot fundamentally safe, enjoyable, and desirable. That’s walkability.

Strategic Partners

Master Planner

Principal Peter Calthorpe is one of the founders of the Congress of New Urbanism. His urban design and master planning practice has assisted public and private sector clients in shaping livable communities. HDR | Calthorpe is globally recognized for innovative leadership in regional planning, urban design and transit-oriented development,and international leaders in smart growth.

Urban Designer, Village Centre Concept

DIALOG has a track record of award-winning design excellence and is committed to the practice of sustainable design with a focus on the success of clients and communities. Antonio Gomez-Palacio, founding partner of DIALOG is internationally recognized for transforming cities into vibrant urban places, which respond to their social, economic, and environmental context.

Landscape Architect

Denver based Civitas has an expanding international practice, which includes landscape architecture and open space planning. Their commitment to making meaningful change in cities allows them to achieve projects that are sustainable, technically current, well crafted and lasting. Their recent work includes the award-winning St. Patrick’s Island rejuvenation in East Village.

Local Team, Planning

As a top-tier global design firm, Stantec has the unique ability to connect to projects on a personal level and advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. Whether in engineering, architecture, energy, water, or project management, Stantec designs with community in mind.

Local Team, Engineering

With a mission to understand, innovate, partner and deliver, EXP provides engineering, architecture, design and consulting services to the world’s built and natural environments. Focused on creating positive environmental, social and economic impacts for our clients, communities and within our organization, sustainability is embedded in every EXP project.

Local Team, L A West

L A West (Calgary) Inc. is a landscape architectural design firm comprised of professionals, designers and technologists. Recognized in Calgary's development community as a premier landscape design firm, L A West delivers responsible site planning with creative design techniques intended to enhance the quality of our natural and built environments.


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