Expansion To The West.

Calgarians typically think of their city in terms of quadrants, with the lines in the sand drawn by our address convention. NW NE SW SE. But the west, with its easy access to the city’s vibrant downtown, proximity to the mountains and more naturalized, varied geography overall, has always held a distinct appeal to Calgarians. Alpine Park is Calgary’s final unfragmented expansion to the west. This 476-acre next-generation greenfield development encompasses a raw and unmatched potential of frontage lands along the newly-completed $2.2 billion Southwest Ring Road.



Meets The

Great Outdoors

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Looking west over Central Park toward the Rockies.

This is Calgary's runway for growth to the west.


Known for numerous industry-leading 'signature projects' across Canada, Dream has been uniquely positioned to be able to design and deliver more connected, inclusive, and sustainable communities.

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