People First

It’s time to bring the front yard back to life.

Homes used to be designed around the people who live there rather than the cars they drive. But then, as homes started being built with front garages, something got lost – connecting with your community. Going into your house meant disappearing into your home and disconnecting from the neighbourhood. Children stopped playing in the front yard because parents couldn’t keep a watchful eye. Keeping garages in the back means life (or connecting) can happen in the front.
Parkfront court homes overlooking Hearth Green.

Living with a porch is living better.

Better for you, better for your family, better for your neighbourhood. Porches are beautiful, they’re bright, they let you enjoy the best of the outdoors, and they connect you to the community around you.

Cars in their place, not in your way.

Your car is an important part of your life, but not more important than you. Your home should prioritize you and your family’s needs first and foremost, with people-centered architecture that favors porches over poured driveways and allows you to lead a better, brighter life.

Long live the porch.

It's all about people
More unblocked parking
A private backyard
Bright sunny days
Bigger, more flexible garages
It's all about people
More unblocked parking
A private backyard
Bright sunny days
Bigger, more flexible garages
100% of your home’s frontage is dedicated to your family and enhancing the neighbourhood around you. By comparison, concrete for cars takes up almost the entire front in a front garage home leaving you with little more than a strip of grass and a door tucked 20 feet back down the side.
It’s a common misconception that laned communities offer less parking – a typical Court home in Alpine Park with a triple car garage can provide up to 5 unblocked parking spots for every 2.5 in an equivalently sized front drive home (since you can only park one vehicle between two driveways, so half a vehicle space per home street parking).
Without a lane and rear garage separating you from the homes across the way, front garage neighbourhoods can turn into backyard fishbowls where everyone is looking into each other’s properties. Laned homes, by comparison, only really share two neighbours – the one to the left, and the one to the right. That means fewer onlookers, and a much easier time carving out private little nooks with some clever landscaping.
Bright sunny days. Laned homes embrace the light from all angles. With windows front and back, it doesn’t matter which direction your home faces – you’ll bring the outdoors in no matter the season. Plus, outdoor living spaces on either end mean you can take advantage of the short summer months to their fullest! Mornings in the back, evenings on the porch.
Front garage homes don’t just compromise space for people, they’re compromised garages too. Attached to the front, they need to leave space for your home’s front entrance, so a front attached garage can’t use the full width of your property. Laned homes on the other hand offer enormous garage flexibility, from garden storage, to workshops, to oversized bays, and even triple car options.



Classic curb appeal.

Your home is meant to last for generations and should remain timeless and authentic to what makes Calgary unique in a world of ever-changing trends. From our most modest of homes to our grandest, our builders give careful consideration to how a home enhances the neighbourhood around it.


Hello, neighbour!

It’s so easy to disappear into the garage of a typical front drive home, and it’s that much harder to engage with the people that live around you. With your home connected to the community, you actually meet the people in your neighbourhood. Spending time on the porch becomes an invitation to say hello! Morning coffee can turn into a 5-minute catch-up with the neighbour next door, a glass of wine on a warm summer evening becomes the perfect way to break the ice with the moms down the street.


Safer streets.

Quieter streets are safer streets. Putting people first in the neighbourhood means children’s safety is also improved. Fewer cars driving up to the front of every home means fewer cars overall. When everyone parks in a rear garage, the street ends up being used mostly by visitors, mailmen and kids on their bicycles. Laned homes also need less space in the front for long driveways, bringing homes closer to the street and reducing the ‘natural speed’ that drivers feel comfortable driving on a given road, turning already less busy streets into calmer streets, too.


Neighbourhood watch.

When everyone’s home has front windows and people spend time outdoors on their porches, it’s easier to notice that suspicious car that’s circled a few too many times. And when you actually know the people who live around you, you can recognize when someone isn’t usually around and call your neighbour to confirm whether they were expecting a visit.


Quality quiet time, together.

Just because you have a porch, doesn’t mean every day is for visiting. For more private gatherings, like dinners with family or catch-up visits with longtime friends, there’s no better space than a private backyard. So whether you have a concrete patio, a rear deck, or a backyard verandah, fire up the barbeque, set the table, turn on some classic jams, and enjoy an evening with those you care about most.


Do not disturb.

For those of us that love our garages, we love them because we use them. Whether you have a nice little woodworking setup, dream of owning your own car lift, or keep a well-organized workbench for repairs around the home, garages are useful. But that bandsaw and air compressor or music you might listen to while fixing your car doesn’t work nearly as well for a sleeping child. Separate garages can keep the peace in your home. Which means, ultimately, that you can do things on your own time and not have to worry about naptimes or neighbours.


Close at hand.

The nice thing about a backyard garage is that it’s in your backyard. Not only does having a lane give you better access to your property than front drive homes, but your garage is where you store most of the things you need for yard work regardless. In a front drive home, you’re lugging your mower, tools, bags of dirt, planting pots, what have you, around to the back every time you need them. Great exercise, sure, but not nearly as convenient.


People-first homes for all stages of life.

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