Story | Posted Nov, 08, 2021

A story of 8 ribbons

Ribbon cuttings aren’t always newsworthy and it’s not hard to imagine why. Despite being meaningful to anyone involved, the typical opening of a new mattress store flies well under most peoples’ radars. The reveal of Dream's ambitious Alpine Park was very different.

With representatives from CTV News, the Calgary Herald, and various other publications in attendance, this important milestone very much avoided slipping under the radar. The moment was tangible, representing the first real opportunity to give Calgary homebuyers a choice of something different - an aspirational new urbanist community closer to the things that matter than anything else in the past two decades. But, like our hypothetical mattress store, it was also a special day for the many involved in making this vision a reality.   So we went with eight ribbons as opposed to just the usual one, with each representing one of Alpine Park’s colours, to give more people a chance to take part and be involved - with some attendees invited to cut a ribbon for the very first time in their careers.  


Rather than the typical one-shot photo opportunity, this moment ended up being shared by a larger group of the enthusiastic people that dedicated themselves and put their heart and souls into this project;


So thank you to everyone that was able to take part, custom scissors in hand, and ‘crack the bottle against the bow’ alongside us!   From members of our team that have shouldered the hectic pace of the past two years to those who had witnessed the potential of these lands for over two decades and just now are getting their chance to see it come to life. To our incredible partners without which the amazing homes encircling our Showhome Neighbourhood would not exist, despite the challenges of construction during COVID. And finally, to our newly elected Ward 13 Councillor Dan McLean, who will represent the people of Alpine Park in the years to come and who honoured our event as his first official public engagement.   All in all, it was a bigger, better moment because we were able to share in it together.   Which if you think about it feels perfectly on-brand for a community where bringing people together has been goal number one, and where the parks and incredible streetscapes were created for all to enjoy!

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