Story | Posted Apr, 14, 2023

Alpine Park is redefining porch-front living

Developer Dream says that Alpine’s most important amenity is the community itself.

Communities don’t just happen. But what if you carefully studied and replicated the factors that are common to close-knit communities around the world and then invited like-minded people to live there?


That’s exactly what visionary developer Dream is willing into existence in Alpine Park, a next-generation neighbourhood nestled between Calgary and the Rocky Mountains, but with convenient access to the city’s downtown via the newly expanded Ring Road.


Thinking beyond the typical Calgary new community, the creative planners at Dream are crafting an oasis of parks, paths, front porches and walkable streets.


The 476-acre neighbourhood will provide more than six major parks, multiple green courts and additional public spaces, with each phase launching new community features. Phase 2 includes two of Alpine’s largest novel green courts to date.


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