Story | Posted Jul, 26, 2021

Alpine Park reimagines Calgary communities with a New Urbanist design that puts people first

When completed, the community of Alpine Park should look like one exceptionally well-designed, highly usable park-like region.

There are a lot of reasons to get excited about what Dream is doing with its Alpine Park development, located south of Woodbine across Fish Creek Provincial Park and west of the newly completed southwest ring road. Reflecting the next generation of community design, this prestigious southwest address aims to elevate Calgarians’ expectations for their suburbs.   Dream began construction on its neighbourhood last summer and has plans for show homes to be revealed this fall. With the highly improved access unlocking growth in the area, Alpine Park is the first new community to be started in the region in nearly two decades. There’s nothing else quite like it on the horizon.   Dream’s New Urbanist blueprint for this 476-acre development is ambitious and incorporated international efforts from planning heavyweights like Peter Calthrope, one of the ‘fathers’ of new urbanism itself, and Civitas in order to get it right. When completed, marketing director Michael Tandara says Alpine Park should feel like one exceptionally well-designed, highly usable park-like region that residents can live amongst.   Continue reading on

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