Event | Posted Jul, 08, 2022

Yoga in the Park

Date: Wed, July 13.2022 - Wed, August 31.2022

Time: 6 - 7 p.m.


Alpine Park is offering a fun free program this summer open to the public. Join us on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. in Alpine’s Picnic Grove for a yoga workshop hosted by Cyss O’Donnell from YYC Reflections Yoga.

While it has been a somewhat rainy summer so far, we are long overdue for more sun and are eager to take advantage of the great amenity spaces in the community. If you are looking for some extra motivation, here are three great reasons why Yoga in the Park might be beneficial for you.  

Mental Health

It was a tough few years, and it’s easy to say that many of us probably spent much more time at home and not nearly enough time outside. We can take this rare opportunity to relax and participate in Yoga directly in Alpine Park. It will be quiet, relaxing, and enjoyable. Everyone needs time away from their phones and to get outside every once in a while. Not to mention a change in your routine can help jumpstart your week.  

Increased Space

The community is growing; grow your mantra with it! Practicing yoga with a dozen others in an enclosed space may make you feel claustrophobic, but the sense of freedom is the strongest outside. There is more than enough space for you and your friends to join us in this free workshop.  

Being Outside

There is a great connection between us and nature; the best way to explore that connection is to practice in the fresh air. Taking long, consistent breaths is much more manageable right at the source rather than from air conditioning inside a studio. Try it for yourself and unwind from the day surrounded by the beautiful trees in the park.   So join us starting July 13th for yoga in the park in Picnic Grove, and experience Alpine in a new way. Don’t forget to bring a yoga mat, a water bottle and a small towel. If you have any additional questions, then stop by and visit us at the Welcome Centre.

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